Viewing the Ebook

If you are having trouble viewing the free ebook please ensure the following.

Ensure you have an app or program that is capable of viewing ePUB files. If you do not then you will not be able to open the book.

For Apple iOS users
We recommend making sure you have the apple books app on your iPad/iPhone. This app has been checked and works perfectly with the Smoke Burns ebook.
you can download it by clicking here (this will redirect you to the apple app store).

For Apple Mac Users
Ensure you have Apple Books or iBooks on your mac, if you don’t search for it within the mac app store and install it, you can then drag the download onto the program and it will open.

Android users
we recommend using Google books, you can download this by clicking here (this will redirect you to the play store)

Windows Users
we recommend using sumatra PDF, although this is a pdf viewer it also opens ePUB files and is a small, free program which also doesnt require installation, and can be run portable. get it by clicking here

Kindle users
Use Calibre to transfer the epub to your Kindle, Calibre is also a ebook reader for windows. Get it by clicking here