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Introducing new ATM (Air Track Management), standard operating procedures (SOPs) to improve safety on the fire ground for fire-fighters worldwide. This  could drastically reduce the current level of serious injuries and in the line of duty deaths (LODD) of fire-fighters.

John Taylor has written a book called ‘Smoke Burns’, which explains why and how smoke burns, the importance of controlling ‘air flows’ at fires (‘Air Track Management’) and new search and rescue ATM SOPs relating to these theories.

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Smoke burns has now been converted to an Ebook for use with Kindle, and the kindle App.

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We are now providing Air Track Management Instructor & Fire-fighter Courses. For further information contact – John Taylor.

Plus, fire safety awareness training for members of the public on fire development and how to prevent the possible devastating effects of fire.

This Web site is dedicated to educating and advising fire-fighters and members of the public, alike on the inherent dangers of FIRE and how to prevent fire from causing the death and destruction it is capable of. To evaluate your ‘size-up’ and deployment skills at fire incidents. Please feel free to visit our Articles Section.……

‘Smoke Burns’ the book by John Taylor is now available for purchase on this web site has received some excellent testimonials from readers already, see extracts below:

I believe every recruit who passes out at the end of the their training should receive a copy for their future reference & development, to enable them to effectively confront a compartment fire”.

“This is the book I have been waiting for”.

“This will be a must read for every fire-fighter”.

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