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The reason I wrote the book – ‘Smoke Burns’ was to share the fire-fighting techniques of some wonderful fire-fighters, that I had the privilege of meeting and others of whom I studied their wonderful work during my research into flashovers.

I was compelled to write the book to try and make sure every fire-fighter who read it would have a better understanding that smoke does burn and if you control the ‘AIR’ you will become integral and safe in your chosen honourable profession by getting to know our common enemy – ‘FIRE’.

I genuinely believe that FIRE is predictable and that there is no need for fire-fighters to die in the ‘Line of Duty’ anymore from a lack of knowledge, equipment or training and as they have chosen freely to put themselves in ‘Harms Way’ for their fellow citizens. They deserve the best and the least we owe them in return is exactly that….

That, they return home safe to their families.

The cost of producing and publishing the e-book of ‘Smoke Burns’ by myself has now been fully recouped and I am now able to share this information freely, which was always my objective.

Hence, I would like to invite you to download the e-book free gratis and if you feel that the book is worthy of a donation to assist with my expenses incurred as part of my continued research into improving our SOP’s in using ‘Air Track’ control techniques with the combined use of a portable Kevlar door and Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fan in partnership with Martinsville Fire & EMS, Virginia. Then, your donation would be gratefully received and accounted for through the accounts of TMS (York) Ltd.

I hope you enjoy the book and would welcome and appreciate of any feedback and discussions regarding our SOPs. Please feel free to contact me.

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